Congregation Chaverim

5901 E. Second St.
Tucson, AZ 85711

P: 520-320-1015
F: 520-232-5436

We are a multigenerational congregation of 130 families with room for everyone. In 1973, Chaverim was founded by a group of 20 families who were looking for more connectedness in their synagogue experience. Today we have grown, but our basic goal has not changed. We reach out to all of our members so that they can connect in ways that are most meaningful to them.

Our Vision
Chaverim is a Reform Jewish congregation in which each member has the opportunity to create a dynamic congregational experience cultivating spirituality, education, and tradition through active participation.

Our Goals

  • To facilitate affirmative Jewish identity through shared religious, educational and cultural experiences
  • To foster member involvement through the identification of the Congregation as a welcoming and supportive community
  • To encourage each member’s personal involvement in congregational life
  • To foster a creative and innovative religious atmosphere while preserving Jewish tradition and ethics
  • To provide an equal opportunity for each member to participate in determining congregational direction and goals